Can XERO connect to other application like CRM?

Yes, In today’s fast living world of connectivity, it is vital to many organizations to be able to select the applications that will best help them run their business without limitations of non-connectivity.

Where the rubber meets the road.

Many companies today see the need to connect their applications, so the speed of the front office ( sales, marketing, customer support) meets the speed and accuracy of the back office. To ensure these possibilities exist working in a with hosted SaaS applications (software as a service) are critical. The connectivity question you need to understand is what makes these features possible? It's called API (automatic program interface). We are living and computing era today that’s called an API economy. This economy is all about connecting applications, data, platforms, clouds and devices via APIs.

What does an API do?

The API is the sum of connecting digital transactions between two or more parties over an API network.

The best question to ask yourself when selecting a new application is to see if the enterprise builds and manages its own APIs. This not only speeds connectivity, but it also lays the groundwork for avoiding problems that occur when new versions are deployed. APIs ensure that data from one application is formatted correctly and passed to the next without interruption, even as application functionality and file formats evolve.

There are third party integration tools as well that can connect devices however as a company you are now relying on yourself to ensure the developed connections are working.

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