Acumatica Manufacturing

Control your manufacturing business from first customer contact all the way through fulfillment and invoicing. Acumatica provides real-time data so you get up-to-the-second status of orders, production, inventory, shipping, invoicing, and support. This allows you to optimize inventory, production, and on-time performance.

Control operating costs

Streamline your entire business process - from materials planning to production to shipping, invoicing, and accounting. Acumatica is web-based so you can access your business data and documents from headquarters, factories, remote offices, and while traveling.

Optimize inventory, production, and sales

Unlimited user pricing allows you to involve employees, partners, and customers so you can automate ALL business processes - even processes that span offices, factories, warehouses, and external partners. This allows you to make informed decisions regarding production, sales flexibility, inventory overhead, and your bottom line.

Features built for manufacturers

The Acumatica Manufacturing Suite is software built for manufacturing companies. Everything you need is included in one integrated package:

  • Flexible bill of materials for complex production processes
  • Make to stock, assemble to order, and make to order capabilities
  • Planning for seasonality and uncertain demand
  • Configurable for job shops, discrete manufacturing, and repetitive production
  • Fulfillment, shipping, and logistics
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Sales automation and service management
  • Real-time reporting of job costs and profitability
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